Staying On Track During The Colder Months-Fitnees.

The same is true of your food routine. There may be weeks where it is just not possible to keep to your plan for optimum nutrition but that does not mean you throw caution to the wind.

Do not hide away under big clothes even when it gets chilly. If you continue to wear fitted outfits then you are more likely to pay attention to your body shape during the winter rather than covering up and hoping for the best when you reveal yourself in the spring. Wear short sleeves at home in the evening to remind you to do a few bench dips off the edge of the sofa while you watch the TV. Two sets of 20 each night is easy and will make a massive difference over a few weeks. Design a mini-circuit at home. You do not need much space to create a handy indoor exercise programme that can work all parts of the body without leaving the comfort of your own house. Because of the shorter days, you might not feel like a full workout but a mini-circuit performed a few times a week will give you the same positive results. See the winter as an opportunity to try something new. Having a summer fitness routine and a winter routine means that your body is doing different things throughout the year and this will encourage your muscle fibres to remain stimulated at all times rather than reaching a plateau in your training development. Buy the right kit. It has been said that there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes. If you want to keep your exercise routine intact in the winter, make sure you have all the right gear to protect yourself. Nice new kit is always a good motivator to exercise. Change your routine. Early mornings might not be so appealing in the winter so swap to afternoon training to catch the daylight. Take out a temporary gym membership to see you through the roughest months. Use exercise as your own private heating system. If you get your metabolism fired up you will be warm even on the coldest of days. If you train outside in the summer, find the closest indoor equivalent to what you do. So if you run, cycle or row outside in the summer, swap this for treadmill running, indoor cycling and rowing on the machine for the winter. Exercising with your children You can get your children involved in your exercise from an early stage in their lives. Kids love to run around and you should make sure that you join in with them as much as you can . Teach your children to ride a bike so that you can all enjoy the freedom of the road together. Cycling is a great skill for them to learn and it also offers them the opportunity to see new places. Children love swimming so take them to the local pool and get them started early. You can begin by playing with them in the water and encourage them to swim some widths and lengths so that you can get a workout too. Team sports are great for widening a child’s social circle and helping them to understand the roles people play in groups. If your children are interested in sport, activities and keeping fit they will understand why it is an important part of your life and will provide you with the space you need for your fitness routine. Because they are also interested, you will have many options for exercising that you can all do together. Your objectives may be different, but you can all take different forms of exercise as a group.Holiday Fitness If you cannot get to the gym, try for a single week to get up 15 minutes earlier and do simple stretches and exercises in your pyjamas. Seven days of a few squats, lunges, crunches, press-ups and stretches will boost your energy, set you up for the day and give almost two-hours of exercise in a week. Family Fitness Many people find themselves in a situation where it is difficult to incorporate fitness into their lives because of family commitments. The only way to work around this is to get everyone involved. This way everyone can spend some quality time together, have fun and enjoy all the positive benefits of getting their bodies moving. Exercising With Your Partner If you are both members of the gym, set specific times to go together. If you commit to times, you are more likely to stick to the schedule and encourage each other to get there promptly. Structure your workout so that you can motivate each other on specific exercises. Shouting at each other may not be that productive, but gentle encouragement and advice on each other’s technique can result in a more effective workout for both of you. Push each other but work to your own programme. You are not competing but as long as each of you is clear on the other’s targets, you can motivate each other to go beyond what you may have thought possible by yourselves. Try some new sports together. There is no end of sporting options out there and there is bound to be something that interests you both. It is much more fun to learn something together and as well as spending more time together, the act of trying something new will enrich your relationship.

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