Pets are human's friends

All dogs are intelligent and have equal emotional needs . However few dogs are a notch better than others in the intelligence of understanding commands, adapatability etc. I have collated top 10 dogs in the world who are smartest of all.

Does your dog ever flabbergast you by her capacity to get directions? Specialists measure insight into dogs in a couple of ways, and the most intelligent dog breeds may shock you. If your dog didn’t make the best ten rundowns, however, you’re persuaded of her prevalent insight, don’t surrender—studies show that most dogs are a lot more astute than we give them kudos for that.....

The 12 Best Jobs for Dog Lovers.

You enjoy nothing more than spending quality time with a furry puppy by your side, so why not make a living and get paid for your “dog loving”? Dust off your resume, get a doggy day or night job, and you’ll never have to work for a living. So now you’re wondering, what are the best possible….

Should You Buy a Dog Tent or Not?

 Summer is the time when people go outdoors to have fun with their pet doing activities like hiking, swimming and playing catch. One of the pastimes that dog owners love to do is camping however, if their pet snores, passes gas (a habit that most dogs do) or becomes dirty…

Why We Love Cats?

Dr. Murray Bowen invented what has come to be known as “Bowen Theory” or Family Systems Theory. Dr. Rabbi Friedman put Bowen’s theory to work for rabbis, pastors and other religious professions in Generation to Generation and his posthumous work Failure of Nerve.

This theory of family behavior is based on several …..